Where do I download the PUSH App? (Apple)

You can download the Apple iOS app from:
Android will be available in the near future.

What phones does PUSH work with? (Apple)

Apple iOS / iPhone / iPad. PUSH has released it's iOS app in the app store. You can download the app from:
Android will be available in the near future.

What should I do when I receive my SmartGauge?

You will receive a series of emails after your SmartGauge ships, which include quick-start instructions. You can also see our unboxing video here:

Do I have to take my phone along with my ride / drive?

No! Your phone is not required, all data is recorded and stored on the SmartGauge, then transferred to your phone when in range.

How accurate is the GPS?

We have worked effortlessly to give you the best precision available. With a clear sky-view, the GPS industry-best precision that can be down to 0.25m accuracy.

What are the detailed technical specifications of the SmartGauge

Precision GPS running up to 10hz

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth Low Energy

How do I properly install the SmartGauge?

In general you can mount it anywhere as long as it has a clear sky view for the best GPS position.

     Mount to the rear fairing of the motorcycle.

     Mount the center of the front or rear windshield.

Can the SmartGauge hold up to the rain?

Yes, the SmartGauge is sealed. Take it from one of our customers:

“It was raining that weekend at the track so I didn't get to have the consistency in my laps as I was hoping, but the data I was gathering was very helpful. I'm sure when I'm able to ride more normal I will be able to better judge my performance as well as the PUSH's. It did hold up well in the rain.” -KC

How do I install software updates?

The iOS app is updated like any other app, often this is done in the background.

The SmartGauge firmware is upgraded through instructions on the app. The process is simple, just like putting a picture on a usb stick.

Can I integrate my own app, product, or service with PUSH?

We have an API which allows access to the precision PUSH data in your app / product.
See the documentation at

We are always open to new partners, and PUSH is open to other integrations as well.
Please contact us!

Is there a beta tester program?

The SmartGauge is now released, in production, and a fully shipping product. We no longer do beta testing or demo’s.

Will you sponsor me and/or my race team?

Unfortunately we cannot sponsor everybody. We currently sponsor the Motorsport Exotica CVMA race team. At the moment we are not looking to sponsor anyone else.